Natural hair growth tips for long, beautiful and healthy hair

Long, shiny and healthy hair is an easily achievable target, provided you devote some time to child care and follow the suggestions of these useful natural-natural hair.
What should the healthy and beautiful hairy women do for a long time, unless you are not wearing Pixi type, maintain your hair and make sure that it looks right, it can be difficult, especially our irregular lifestyles, pollution and Consider bad food habits. But getting the dream of having wonderful hair is not impossible, you just need to know the right things and practice with dedication just follow these simple hair growth beauty tips for healthy hair, and you will be able to locks the game That Rapunzel was too jealous.

Trim hair every 6-8 weeks

Sort your hair regularly Damaged end Your hair is the worst enemy. Monthly hair trams help you get rid of split ends and help you avoid hair loss. Remember that the length of your hair not only shatters but also affects the brightness, volume and lubrication of your hair. Always remember, a small trim regularly is a big tip that will naturally aid hair growth.

Treat it with hair mask

Shoulder-length hair is more than years old (yes, we are talking about the lower part of your hair length) Therefore, keep in mind that more TLCs are required than a normal conditioner. Instead, a good hair mask can provide the right type lamsing for your hair.
Apply a hair mask for every two weeks for condition and nourish hair on a large scale. Eat two eggs white with a little lemon juice and apply it on your hair. Alternatively, a combination of hot olive oil, cinnamon and honey can work well as a hair mask. Apply it to moisten hair, leave it for 10 minutes, then shampoo and position in normal form.

Hair Scalp Therapy

Do not ignore the skull because the more care you need for your hair. It is important to keep hair roots healthy, because dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can accumulate on the scalp affecting hair growth. Gradually massage the scalp with your fingers when you shampoo to take out dirt. For joint synthesis, try applying fresh aloe vera gel on the skull before washing it for 30 minutes before applying it in at least one week.

Air dry your hair

After washing we used to wrap our hair in the turban. It can cause lots of hair loss and hair loss. After wiping slowly with soft towel and after the patting, naturally it is better to dry hair.

Eating right and healthy

Diet plays an important role in hair growth; Protein is essential for long hair, so make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet. It is rich in protein rich foods such as dairy, fish, pulses, nuts, eggs, lean meat and soya. Can be increased by increasing the consumption.