These Foods Will Help To Boost Your Memory

If you are feeling fluffy, it may be due to lack of sleep or many other reasons, including genetics, level of physical activity and lifestyle and environmental factors. However, there is no doubt that the diet plays a major role in the brain health.

The best menu to promote memory and brain function encourages the brain to have good blood flow – as much as you nourish your heart and eat to protect your heart. It is found in the research that Mediterranean diet helps to keep the brain in old age, and there is a link to food with increasing cognitive function, memory, and alertness in materials such as Mediterranean foods such as Mediterranean food.

Be sweet on berries and cherries. Berries – a rich source of black, blueberries and cherries, especially in the dark – is a rich source of anthocyanin and other flanonodes that can increase the memory function. Take a handful of spice for a snack, mix it in grains or bake in antioxidant-rich dessert, you can cut these benefits with fresh, frozen or dried berries and cherries.

Eat Walnuts. Well known for its positive effect on heart health, nut work may also improve memory. To satisfy afternoon appetite, snacks on some handfuls of walnuts, add them to grind porridge or salad or mix them in a vegetable stir-fry for extra protein.

These foods are not just good for the brain, they maintain a healthy heart and all parts of the body. Although there is no guarantee that these foods will help you to remind you where you are keeping your keys tomorrow, at the same time they can support good health throughout their life.

Eat your veggies. Eating enough vegetables, especially Bruceolae, cauliflower and black-leafed greens, can help improve the memory of the cruciferous species. Use Black Salad or Cholesterol Green Choice for a Tortola in your next sandwich wrap. Broccoli stir-fry is also a great option for lunch or dinner.